Wild Garlic Stew With Dumplings

Serves: 4
Cooks in: 1 hour
Difficulty: 5/10


2 Leeks, finely chopped  

1 Celeriac, peeled & chopped small

3 Carrots, peeled & chopped small

3 tbs Dried Mushrooms, rehydrated in 1/2 cup/125ml Boiling Water  

1 tsp Celery Salt

1 tsp Cracked Black Pepper 

1 tbs Miso Paste 

1 tsp Fennel Seeds 

1/2 tsp Ground Cumin

3 tbs Plain FLour 

2 cups/250g Baby Potatoes, halved 

Big Handful Wild Garlic 

Handful Purple Sprouting Broccoli Florets 


1 & 1/2 cups/180g Self Raising Flour 

70g Plant Butter 

Splash Non Dairy Milk 

2 tbs Chia Seeds

1/2 cup/50g Nutritional Yeast

Handful Chopped Wild Garlic

Handful Chopped Fresh Parsley

1 tsp Sea Salt 


Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees C. 

Place a casserole dish over a medium heat & add a little oil. 

When the pan is hot add the leek along with the carrots & celeriac. Sauté the mixture for 3-4 minutes before adding the bay leaf, thyme, & dried spices, and cook for 1-2 more minutes.

Add the miso paste followed by the flour & stir for 1 minute. The deglaze the pan with the rehydrate mushrooms including the liquid.

Turn the heat down low & leave the stew to bubble away for 20 minutes. 

Meanwhile, for the dumplings, in a mixing bowl, using your hands rub together the self raising flour and butter until you have a breadcrumb like consistency. Add the nutritional yeast, chia seeds, chopped wild garlic & parsley. with a splash of non-dairy milk, to form a ball of dough. Then shape the mixture into around 6 round dumplings. 

Stir the rest of the wild garlic, plus the broccoli through the stew then lay the dumplings on top of the stew neatly then place the dish into your oven for 35 minutes. 

When the dumplings are golden, serve up & enjoy.