Jerk Cauliflower Wellington

Serves: 4
Cooks in: 120 mins
Difficulty: 5/10
Grace Foods asked me to create a special Christmas recipe using their Grace Jamaican Jerk Seasoning & this is what I came up with! This Wellington is mind-blowing & comes complete with its own gravy.



1 Medium Sized Cauliflower

2 tbs Graces Jerk Marinade Paste, or less depending on how spicy you like

2 tbs Tomato Puree 

1 tbs Balsamic Vinegar 

2 tbs Maple Syrup

1 tbs Olive Oil 

Roasting Vegetables 

2 Carrots, chopped roughly

2 Sticks Celery, chopped roughly

1 Leek, chopped roughly

250g/8.810z Chestnut Mushrooms, chopped roughly

2 Red Onions, chopped roughly

3 Cloves Garlic 

4 Sprigs Thyme 

Juice 1 Lemon

2 tsp Sea Salt


200g/8.81oz Mushrooms, chopped roughly

2 tbs Olive Oil 

2 Shallots, chopped roughly 

1 tbs Dried Thyme 

1 tbs Dried Sage 

Spinach Layer 

300g/10.58oz Fresh Spinach

1 tbs Olive Oil

Pinch Sea Salt


1 Roll/Block Ready Made Vegan Puff Pastry


2 tbs Maple Syrup

2 tbs Olive Oil

2 tbs Soy Milk


3 tbs Tomato Puree

3 tbs Plain Flour 

1 & 1/2 cups/360ml Vegan White Wine 

2 tbs Marmite/Soy Sauce 

1 litre Vegetable Stock

Pinch Sea Salt & Pepper

First up,  preheat your oven to 180 degrees C. 

Mix together the jerk marinade, tomato puree, balsamic, maple & olive oil in a small mixing bowl.

Add the roasting ingredients to a large baking tray then place the cauliflower in the centre, so that it’s surrounded by the roasting vegetables. Brush the jerk marinade mixture over the cauliflower generously.

Squeeze over the lemon juice and sprinkle with salt then place the tray into the oven to roast for 1 hour. 

Meanwhile, make the mushroom layer. Place a large non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and add a little oil. When the pan is hot add the mushrooms, shallots, thyme, and sage. Saute the mixture for 4-5 minutes and season with a little salt & pepper. When the mushrooms have caramelised, transfer the mushroom mixture to your food processor and blitz until it’s lightly chopped. 

Set the mushroom mix aside too cool. Meanwhile in the same frying pan placed over a high heat add a little more oil then add the spinach, sauté the spinach until it’s wilted adding a tiny pinch of salt whilst it is cooking. 

Once the cauliflower has been in the oven for an hour, remove it from the oven. 

Take the cauliflower out of the tray and set it aside to cool, leaving the remaining vegetables in the tray – these vegetables will form the base of the gravy. 

To make the gravy place the roasting tray over a low heat on your stovetop and add the tomato puree and plain flour. 

Cook the flour out whilst stirring for a minute or so then deglaze the pan with the white wine, marmite & vegetable stock. 

Scrape the bottom of the pan to release any flavour that may have stuck. Let the gravy bubble away & thicken up for 15 minutes or so. Once the gravy has thickened, pass it through a sieve into a saucepan. Check the seasoning, then set it aside until you’re ready to serve. 

Once the cauliflower, mushroom mixture & spinach has cooled. Roll out your puff pastry to around 3mm thick and big enough to be able to wrap up your cauliflower. 

Whisk together the glaze ingredients in a small bowl.

Spread the mushroom mix into the middle of the pastry, leaving a 2inch border then top with the spinach. Place the cauliflower on top up-side-down. Then grab the edges of the pastry and wrap the cauliflower up. See the tutorial video above for more detailed instructions.

Place the Wellington onto a lined baking tray (the right way up) & then into the oven to roast for 30-35 minutes or until the pastry is golden & crisp. 

Serve the wellington right away with the gravy & all your Christmas trimmings.