1 Pot Creamy Butterbean & Fennel Pasta

Serves: 4
Cooks in: 20 minutes
Difficulty: 3/10
Can be gluten free


2 tbs Olive Oil 

1 Onion, finely sliced 

1 Bulb Fennel, sliced fine

3 Cloves Garlic, minced 

1 Can Butter Beans, drained 

3 tbs Capers

2 tsp Miso Paste

1/2 cup/10g Mixed Dried Mushrooms 

1 cup/250ml White Wine

Zest & Juice 1 Lemon 

1 Sheet Nori, torn into small pieces 

2 cups/500ml Vegetable Stock 

3 cups/350g Pasta of your choice  

Pinch Sea Salt & Pepper


Handful Fresh Curly Parsley, chopped fine

Pumpkin Seeds

Sun-dried Tomatoes, optional  

Place a large non stick pan over a medium heat & add the oil followed by the onion, fennel & garlic. Cook for 5 minutes before adding half the butter beans & mash them with a fork/spatula in the pan. This will make the sauce creamy. Add the rest of the beans plus the capers, miso & dried mushrooms. Stir well then deglaze the pan with the white wine. (Or skip for alcohol free).

Cook the alcohol out for about 3 minutes then add the lemon, nori & vegetable stock. (Add extra stock if not using wine.) 

Bring the stock to a simmer then stir through salt, pepper & pasta. Turn the heat down low & pop a lid on the pan. Let the pasta bubble away for 8 -10 minutes. 

When the pasta is al dente, serve up. I stir through parsley & top with pumpkin seeds & sun dried tomatoes.